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Let’s just say I took the Entrepreneurship road less travelled. Everything you have read in a text book I probably did the opposite. It’s been a crazy, fun, wild journey that’s still going. As I like to say, “the best is yet to come!”

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I have a decades of experiences that span the spectrum of from “that was really cool” all the way to “what was LeRoy thinking?!?”. I found the best way to organize these experiences is to group them into collections or a series of posts that discuss the experience.


With everything I have been through, saying that I’ve learned a lot is an understatement. If you could peel back my skin you would see the aged soul of a battle tested entrepreneur who has lots of experiences to share.

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Featured Collection: The Unwritten Parent Manual

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Putting it all Together

Every community has their origin story. Like Mike creating Viking as a soccer camp community in 1993. In the beginning the community was small.

The Rules are the Culture

An Introduction | The People are the Community | The Purpose is the Mission | Growth is Diversity | The Rules are the Culture | Putting it all Together Nothing feels more rewarding than creating a good set of rules. Few things feel better when people follow those rules. When the rules work it feels likeContinue reading “The Rules are the Culture”

Growth is Diversity

Whenever I’m asked to help a group grow, one of the first things I look at are it’s people.

“There’s no use being pessimistic. It probably wouldn’t work out anyway”

LeRoy Watkins and so many other people

About LeRoy

I’m a product of my New Jersey upbringing. I attended Montclair Kimberly Academy, where I was an average student at best (read more)

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