Let’s just say I took the Entrepreneurship road less travelled. Everything you have read in a text book I probably did the opposite. It’s been a crazy, fun, wild journey that’s still going. As I like to say, “the best is yet to come!”

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I have a decades of experiences that span the spectrum of from “that was really cool” all the way to “what was LeRoy thinking?!?”. I found the best way to organize these experiences is to group them into collections or a series of posts that discuss the experience.


With everything I have been through, saying that I’ve learned a lot is an understatement. If you could peel back my skin you would see the aged soul of a battle tested entrepreneur who has lots of experiences to share.

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Featured Collection: Winning Habits

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Just Play

2011 was life changing. I became a dad and I bought Viking Sports, while owning MyBike. My somewhat busy life suddenly had two monumental additions that made life a lot more busy. Over the next 4 years my wife and I had two more kids, Viking grew to 40 employees, and MyBike relocated. My focusContinue reading “Just Play”

Work. I Hate Work.

Northeastern’s he co-op program showed me what I did not want to do after college. This was invaluable.

“There’s no use being pessimistic. It probably wouldn’t work out anyway”

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About LeRoy

I’m a product of my New Jersey upbringing. I attended Montclair Kimberly Academy, where I was an average student at best (read more)

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