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A Brief Bio
Many of you know me, but most of you really just know bits and pieces from a combination of social media posts, chit chats, and other great interactions. Let me fix that. Here is my somewhat brief bio.

Door to Door Sales-Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
When I was 23 years old I was in a 100% commission door to door sales pyramid scheme according to my parents, but I called it a Management Training Program.

My First Non Soccer Award
Growing up, I loved winning. One thing people don’t realize about adult me, is that I am extremely competitive. When I do something, I don’t do it to be ok. I do it to be the best. 

The New England Revolution Partnership
It’s no secret that my company is official corporate partners with the New England Revolution. What people don’t know is how that happened. 

Door to Door Sales- The Start of the Beginning
My two years of doing Door to door sales or Direct Marketing was the most invaluable experience of my entire life. It was like entrepreneurship boot camp.

The Power of Two
When I was 25 I started my first company. I had the green light to implement any idea that popped into my creative mind. There was no boss telling me “NO”. And that was a problem.

Panera- The Big Deal
In 2012, Blaine, the former CEO of Panera called to do business. Actually it was an email from Jerry the General Manager and he wanted to use our electric bikes for Panera delivery. Pretty cool, right?

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