Nashville- Country Music Awards

Being a parent is the most important job in the world, and thankfully the best job in the world. For me the tough times of parenting are significantly outweighed by all the wonderful memories my kids create. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a break from time to time. So when your sister presents an opportunity like going to the Country Music Awards show in Nashville, you have to go. And that’s what me and my wife Jen did. My wonderful father and law, Pa, watched our little ones for the 24 hour period, while we hopped on a plane prepared to party it up in Music City. 

When me and Jen where flying to the south, we created our winning game plan. Basically it was to go big for an epic southern date night and to rub elbows with a few celebs. Jen and my sister went to Oxana Salon to get their game faces ready and I was armed with my classic suit, pink bow tie, and arsenal cuff links. Together me and Jen were ready for our 24 hours of freedom. 

I’m not a music guy. I maybe have purchased 5 albums in my entire life. I couldn’t tell you who any of the performers were, but that show was pretty incredible. We wanted Morgan Wallen to win New Artist of the Year, Florida Georgia Line to win Duo of the Yeah, and a few other song writers from Big Loud to win, but it wasn’t in the cards. Once the show ended me and Jen went with my sister to a small get together with the Big Loud team. 

When we got the place, the first person I ran into Morgan. After exchanging formalities we had a little chat about the show and using his planned speech for next years win. Then me and Jen shared a bunch of laughs with the artist/song writer Hardy and his girlfriend. From there me and Seth, one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and also one of the founders of Big Loud, had a good conversation. 

Naturally we talked business. I told him about my fisher price entrepreneurial journey from starting MyBike to buying Viking with Zach. Then he shared his way cooler journey of creating Big Loud and how it started off by managing an obscure band called the Florida Georgia Line. When they started finding success he was able to bring more people into the fold and over time his tiny operation became a major player in country music.  What I liked most about what he said was all of his perceived success was because of the people around him, like my sister (who is exceptional).  He heaped praise on everyone. And after meeting everyone at the label, including a lot of the artists, I knew they were genuine compliments. The entire organization was filled with hardworking, passionate, people who were also the nicest people you could ever meet. Sure they were all hate the Patriots, but not everyone is perfect. 

I could go on and on about the evening with so many stories, like when I bought a round of drinks for all of these famous people and it was open bar. Or that time when one of the artists heard about our  connection to the Boston area and assumed we were boys with her mentor James Taylor, who lives in the Boston area. The evening had a lot of exciting experiences, but ultimately it was the epic date night me and my wife were hoping it was going to be.

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