Birthday Celebration

I don’t have a favorite kid, BUT…

I have a son named Brayden and today’s his 5th birthday. When he was baking in Jen’s belly I remember thinking, “what’s this kid going to be like?” We already had a 4 year old boy in LeRoy IV and we had an almost two year old girl in Mia. Between the two of them, me and Jen were stretched to our attention limit. How would we be able to add a third kid to our fragily (it’s not a word) stable dynamic? Well, we had no choice because on April 28, 2015 Brayden came and the funny thing is, me and Jen didn’t have to do anything different. The two older kids showered Brayden with love and attention. It was beautiful. Five years of being blessed with Brayden I can tell you that he is pure joy. He simply lives to make people laugh and he really ties the family together. He truly is my FAVORITE… five year old. 

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