The Grand Transition

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I had one of the best educations money could buy. Which is why my parents were dumbfounded when I told them I took the 100% commission door to door sales job at JPG Marketing. At some point I needed to make my own big decisions to drive my life forward. My first day on the job I met my now brother Josh Friedrich. He doesn’t play into this collection of posts at all, but it would wrong on so many levels to name drop him. 

Instead of talking about the things that changed my life during this opportunity, I wanted to highlight something different. Even though JP was the head honcho, and I was on Mike’s team, at no point during this experience did I ever feel like I was going to work. When I was making $0.00 after going out for a full day of sales, I didn’t feel like I wasted my time. I was also doing something to improve myself. There was always a new challenge that need to be conquered, a new product that needed a new pitch, or a new market that needed to be cracked. I loved doing this. I was outside all day talking to the people. I was rewarded for my success. If I called out sick, my business was closed and not progressing. 

Honestly, I would still be doing this in some capacity if I had not gone to North Carolina. While I was in North Carolina helping John LeTourneau in his new office, I was completely locked into opening my own direct marketing office. When I landed at Logan airport, I was still dialed in. When I was stuck in traffic on 93 heading to the office in Malden, a motorcycle sped through the lanes gave me a fleeting idea: “I hate traffic! I wish I had a regular bike to get through this traffic.” Instead of the thought ending there, it went on, “what if the bike had advertising? Bikes with advertising? Huh? MyBike.” 

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach before a big match or test or a thing? Well, I had that for an idea. I have ideas all the time, but I never had butterflies for an idea. This was a good idea. I created some surveys to see if the public liked my idea. When they all came back it turned out that 90% of the people said they would take advantage of a service with ad-bikes.

MyBike was born. I transitioned from an illegal black box dealer, to a door to door sales man, to an entrepreneur who was the President and Founder of MyBike, Inc. 

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