Parent Role 6- The Parenter

A Collection Introduction | The Story Teller | The Chief Fun Officer | The Work Ethic Creator | The Imaginationer | The Sportsmanshipper | The Parenter

I was lucky to have excellent parents who worked hard to raise me and my siblings the best they could. The things that I mention from the Unwritten Parent Manual is but a small iota of the lessons I remembered from my childhood that I thought necessary to pass on to my kids. 

The good thing about this parenting thing is I have my wife. Without her everyone in our house would be lost. The five things I mentioned in previous posts like being the Storytellerer, the Chief Fun Officer, the Work Ethic Creator, the Imaginationer, and the Sportsmanshipper pale in comparison to all the roles my wife takes on like the Making Sure the Kids Know Their Colors, Shapes, and Letterer, the Arts and Crafter, the Nature Explorerer, the Date Nate Master, the Teaching the Kids Personal Hygiener, and the Family Foundationer to name a few. Together we are a great team, but we all take our lead from her. 

We both incorporate habits our parents did with us, while implementing our own concepts and ideas. Even though we are both figuring out the day to day of this parenting job, we are guided by the love of our kids. Being a parent is one of the hardest roles in the world, but it’s full of indescribable love, unbelievable appreciation, and more indescribable love. 

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