Balloon Bombarder

Here’s a game I play with my kids during breaks in remote school, but honestly you can play this game anytime. My oldest son calls it Balloon Bombarder and it’s very easy to play. You really only need a balloon and something to hit it with like a foot, stick, or hand.  

  1. Throw the balloon 🎈 
  2. Hit the balloon 👋
  3. RUN!!! 🏃‍♀️

Once the kid hits the balloon they have to run from couch to to couch until they get hit by the balloon by one of the non hitters. Also, the non hitters cannot use their hands. Every time they put two feet on the couch is a point. First one to 100 points wins the game. First one to win 7 games wins the round. First one to win 7 rounds wins the set. First one to win 3 sets wins OR you can just end it after someone gets to 100. It just depends on how tired everyone needs to get. 

Play it. You’re welcome. 

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