#1- LeRoy Watkins Sr.

LeRoy Watkins III with his siblings and NBA basketball players

My grandfather, LeRoy Watkins Sr, passed  away in 2008 and it was absolutely devastating. After the period of being gutted passed, my family remembered all the great good he brought into the world, like this picture. My grandfather was all about helping people in less than ideal situations and he had a large role in the community in working towards addressing this. His main tool to help the community was basketball. One of the things he used to do was organize free basketball clinics for kids. On this particular day, he ran a free clinic at Grover Cleveland High School in Queens, NY. He called his former player, Mark Jackson of the NY Knicks, to be an instructor and that player asked his teammate, Charles Oakley, to help out. My grandfather then told my dad to bring the kids (me and my 3 siblings) to the gym to meet the instructors and this was the picture we took. This is just one memory of many that I have and helps to remind me to always be a source of kindness and good. 

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