Being No Maintenance

Between Viking Sports, MyBike, and knocking on doors, I’ve worked with thousands of people. During the time, someone smarter than me pointed out that people fall into three categories- high maintenance, low maintenance, and no maintenance.  Let’s go through them… High Maintenance– This is the person who needs supervision. They are a question asker, theyContinue reading “Being No Maintenance”

Panera- The Big Deal

In 2012, Blaine, the former CEO of Panera called to do business. Actually it was an email from Jerry the General Manager and he wanted to use our electric bikes for Panera delivery. Pretty cool, right? Me and Steve set up a meeting with the Panera folks including Jerry and the now CEO Blaine, who flewContinue reading “Panera- The Big Deal”

A Lesson in Being Great Yesterday and Exceptional Tomorrow – LeRoy Watkins Sr. and the Historic CCNY Basketball Team

LeRoy Watkins Sr. played for the famous 1950 CCNY basketball team that won BOTH the NCAA and NIT tournaments. Historic. He would tell us glory stories about playing at Madison Square Garden, winning March Madness (it wasn’t called that back then), and winning the tip off against national power house Kentucky. He also talked aboutContinue reading “A Lesson in Being Great Yesterday and Exceptional Tomorrow – LeRoy Watkins Sr. and the Historic CCNY Basketball Team”

Door to Door Sales-Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

When I was 23 years old I was in a 100% commission door to door sales pyramid scheme according to my parents, but I called it a Management Training Program. I kid you not when I say, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I would do it all overContinue reading “Door to Door Sales-Entrepreneurship Bootcamp”

#1- LeRoy Watkins Sr.

My grandfather, LeRoy Watkins Sr, passed  away in 2008 and it was absolutely devastating. After the period of being gutted passed, my family remembered all the great good he brought into the world, like this picture. My grandfather was all about helping people in less than ideal situations and he had a large role inContinue reading “#1- LeRoy Watkins Sr.”