Racism-Be Better

Watkins kids looking toward the future

What’s going on right now is terrible. It makes me sick. I’m smart, but not smart enough to figure out a way to go back in time to help change the past. I’m not a re-poster of opinionated posts, it’s not how I roll. I’m not really a creator of passionate social media posts, it’s not how I roll either. I want to actually contribute to the solution to what’s wrong. That’s how I roll. And that’s where I run into a wall. This is a BIG problem. What exactly can a middle aged (I’m rounding up) black dude nobody in Massachusetts do to fix this racism problem?  Nothing… or I so I thought. 

LeRoy IV, Mia, and Brayden are my three kids who are going to change the world. They are the product of a biracial marriage who embody the best of this country. With me and my wife as examples of kindness and love, we are teaching our three kids to positively touch the lives of people they come in contact with. In a world that gets consumed by dark hate, me and my wife are teaching our kids to be the piercing light of love and goodness.

This generation is better than the last and we need to teach our kids to lead the next generation to do better than us. 

 Educate. Advocate. Strive for change. 

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