A Door to Change

When I started knocking on doors I thought I was going to breeze through the door to door training program and be rich. Believe me when I say, I have never been more wrong AND more poor in my entire life. I have volumes of stories that show my poorness, but for the sake of this story, just know I did not have a lot of money. 

My whole upbringing money was never an issue. My parents sent me and my siblings to a great private school, they paid for our education, they gave us a great life. So when I took a job that was 100% commission, I didn’t want to ask for their help because they already did so much for me. In the beginning it was fine because I still lived on campus and had the cafeteria, but when I moved to Baltimore, that’s when life started happening. 

Me, Josh, Matt, and Joe moved into a spacious 3 bedroom apartment in Owings Mills MD that cost $1000/month. Three months in, we were served with an eviction notice. 4 months in we had no electricity so we used outlets in the hallway to power our place. Also 4 months in I didn’t have enough money for an eye exam to get new contacts, so the next 2 months I had to live a half blurry life. 5 months in I had to get rid of my cell phone because I couldn’t pay the bill. I lost touch with all my close friends from college. Also during this time my wallet was so empty that I could not buy anything for myself. Every penny went to either a bill or food. 18 months I went without buying a material possession and I LOVED buying things. My goal of breezing through the training program and becoming rich changed to survive while getting through the training program. 

Those 18 months changed my mindset dramatically for the better. Before knocking on doors I wanted money to buy all the things. After knocking on doors I learned I didn’t need the things, so I stopped buying them. 

Before knocking on doors I was very much “Me First” with my actions. After struggling through knocking on doors and experiencing relatively tough times, I found myself supporting people going through tough times.

Before knocking on doors I knew everything. After knocking on doors I promised to never stop learning.

Before knocking on doors I valued things. After knocking on doors I value people and my family most off all.

Before knocking on doors I was selfish. After knocking on doors I was selfless.

Me and my wife always joke about the guy I would be without that experience. It was that life changing. 

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