A Fathers Inspiration

Becoming a dad has been the greatest gift of all. I was talking to my good friend and pastor, Bryan Shippey and he asked who is someone that inspires me. Without hesitation I told him my dad. It took becoming a dad to understand EVERYTHING he actually did with both his words AND his actions. 

He taught us how the be kind, thankful, and respectful. He showed us sacrifice, unconditional love, and how to work hard. We saw him act like a father to so many. When he disciplined us, though angry at the time, I now know it was to make sure we stayed on the right path. When he made a decision that had absolutely no benefit for us, though we didn’t know it at the time, we saw kindness in action.

I’m not the only person to be inspired by their dad or father figure, but I wanted to share how mine has inspired me. My kids are very fortunate to have two amazing grandfathers to learn from and look up to.

Happy Father’s Day 

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