All That Cardboard

LeRoy Watkins at the Boston dump

Back in 2014 MyBike opened up on the main drag in South Boston. I was nervous that we wouldn’t be able to cover the rent and that it was going to be a terrible mistake. Thankfully I was proven wrong when we started selling bikes. Lots of bikes. 

Selling all of these bikes created a problem I didn’t think would happen. We had a ton of cardboard. So much so that the landlord demanded we remove it from the trash area where we simply just piled it up as our basement was completely full of bike boxes. 

My buddy Kenny suggested I call a cardboard person who would be able to take it off my hands. No dice. I tried increasing the amount of recycling with our waste management company. The higher cap was not nearly enough. Finally I rented a uhaul, loaded up the truck with millions of bike boxes, and drove to the recycling center. 

This was my victory pic. 

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