A Door to Change

When I started knocking on doors I thought I was going to breeze through the door to door training program and be rich. Believe me when I say, I have never been more wrong AND more poor in my entire life. I have volumes of stories that show my poorness, but for the sake ofContinue reading “A Door to Change”

The Gigantic Catalog of Challenges

Have you noticed that everyone deals with challenges differently? Some people freak out while others appear to be completely unfazed. There is a reason for that. Whenever something negative happens, your brain remembers. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the emotional response, and the higher it gets ranked in your brains “Gigantic Catalog of Challenges”. Continue reading “The Gigantic Catalog of Challenges”

Panera- The Big Deal

In 2012, Blaine, the former CEO of Panera called to do business. Actually it was an email from Jerry the General Manager and he wanted to use our electric bikes for Panera delivery. Pretty cool, right? Me and Steve set up a meeting with the Panera folks including Jerry and the now CEO Blaine, who flewContinue reading “Panera- The Big Deal”

Virtual Panel- Juggling Work, School Work, & Family

In the era of social distancing all of us have had to alter how we go about our days, which has given way to new challenges such as working from home with a house full of people, homeschooling kids, the decrease of personal space, and the lack of self care. This Brookline Chamber of CommerceContinue reading “Virtual Panel- Juggling Work, School Work, & Family”

The Power of Two

When I was 25 I started my first company. I had the green light to implement any idea that popped into my creative mind. There was no boss telling me “NO”. Only myself, the ultimate yes man saying, “LeRoy, that idea is gold. Do it!”.   As liberating and amazing as that sounds, I hadContinue reading “The Power of Two”