The Patio Oasis- Before and After

Finally we were able to start the process of turning this bare earth into something somewhat decent. First we tackled the patio. I’ve done paver patios in the past and almost every time I have the same thought process: This will be great! What was I thinking I should stop now and pay someone  IContinue reading “The Patio Oasis- Before and After”

The Oasis Project- Paver Patio Prep

We were just hitting our stride then the snow came. Lots of snow. When it finally melted in March we resumed the project. We wanted to get everything done before spring rolled around because we remembered how overgrown things were when we started. By working through the tail end of the winter we didn’t haveContinue reading “The Oasis Project- Paver Patio Prep”

The Oasis Project- Breaking Ground

Once my wife and I decided we were going to do this project solo, we decided to wait for mother nature to do her thing and let the plant life die for the winter. Without all the greenery including the hidden poison ivy, it was easier to get an idea of the projects scope. WeContinue reading “The Oasis Project- Breaking Ground”

The Oasis Project- The Beginning

I have this extremely annoying thing where I don’t like paying someone to do something I can do. I also have this other annoying thing where I don’t like paying someone to do something I never tried to do. So when we bought our house in October of 2020 I found myself with a lotContinue reading “The Oasis Project- The Beginning”