Never Work A Day In Your Life

If you love what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life. WAAAAY easier said than done. At 42 I’m fortunate enough for this statement is true for me. When I was just starting out, I was definitely doing what I loved, which was running my own company, but it was notContinue reading “Never Work A Day In Your Life”

The Patio Oasis- Before and After

Finally we were able to start the process of turning this bare earth into something somewhat decent. First we tackled the patio. I’ve done paver patios in the past and almost every time I have the same thought process: This will be great! What was I thinking I should stop now and pay someone  IContinue reading “The Patio Oasis- Before and After”

Family Goals

If you’re doing it right, everyone in your house has their own personality and wants to do the things they enjoy, which is GREAT… and also absolutely terrible in certain situations. Those situations include a home quarantine forced by a global pandemic because everyone you’re with has their own idea of what fun is andContinue reading “Family Goals”

The Friends You Keep

Friendships are invaluable. You can’t buy them at the store, instead a great friendship starts off by chance and then grows over time. I am fortunate to call a lot of great people friends. Here are some of the best things about great friendships that I have observed:  Shared Interests- Sports, school, being social, shopping,Continue reading “The Friends You Keep”

The Floor is Lava

I play a lot of games with my kids and this one has proven to be a family classic. It’s called the Floor is Lava. The basic premise to this game is what the title suggests. The floor is bubbling hot lava and the kids need to get off the floor before the lava consumesContinue reading “The Floor is Lava”