The Gigantic Catalog of Challenges

Have you noticed that everyone deals with challenges differently? Some people freak out while others appear to be completely unfazed. There is a reason for that. Whenever something negative happens, your brain remembers. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the emotional response, and the higher it gets ranked in your brains “Gigantic Catalog of Challenges”. Continue reading “The Gigantic Catalog of Challenges”

The Biggest Challenge- Part two

When I was in college I craved attention. I dyed my hair blond, I’d go for runs topless in Boston wearing sky blue short soccer shorts to show off my specimen-esque physique. I had earrings for every occasion. I don’t know how I didn’t see it, but I was a cocky arrogant guy. Present dayContinue reading “The Biggest Challenge- Part two”

The Biggest Challenge- Part one

The moment I stepped into the door to door sales office for my first day of work, I knew I was destined for greatness. The only problem was that I god awful. That does not describe how unbelievably terrible I was knocking on doors and selling stuff. Mike was selling things everyday, this guy whoContinue reading “The Biggest Challenge- Part one”