Being No Maintenance

Between Viking Sports, MyBike, and knocking on doors, I’ve worked with thousands of people. During the time, someone smarter than me pointed out that people fall into three categories- high maintenance, low maintenance, and no maintenance.  Let’s go through them… High Maintenance– This is the person who needs supervision. They are a question asker, theyContinue reading “Being No Maintenance”

The Viking Activity Center- Celebrating 5 Years

Today I’m celebrating 5 years of operating the Viking Activity Center in Brookline. This place was possibly one of the best decisions Zach (my business partner) and I made in running Viking Sports for nearly a decade.  When we opened up the Viking Activity Center, the @brooklinechamber came with huge scissors and a big old red ribbonContinue reading “The Viking Activity Center- Celebrating 5 Years”

Fool Me Once- A Story About Mistakes

People often ask me what’s the hardest part about running a business to which I say, that’s a loaded question. Joking. I would say being aware enough to learn from my mistakes. It sounds simple and so obvious, but I have learned to never make the mistake twice.  Here is an example, I signed myContinue reading “Fool Me Once- A Story About Mistakes”