Door to Door Sales-Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

When I was 23 years old I was in a 100% commission door to door sales pyramid scheme according to my parents, but I called it a Management Training Program. I kid you not when I say, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I would do it all over again because, those two years were Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Without them, I would not have the tools at my disposal to be successful at entrepreneurship. I worked 6 days a week and made $10 for every sale. Each day looked like this:

9am-11am- practicing my pitch in the office

11am-12pm- driving to the territory 

🏆12pm-7pm- Knocking on doors🏆

7pm-8pm- Driving back and cashing out

That 12pm-7pm window was where I developed invaluable entrepreneurial skills. 

Skill #1– Dealing with No- I could write a second book on this alone, but in a given week I would talk to 550 people of which 500 would say “NO”. I would fail 500 times a week & succeed only 50 times. I had to learn how to process that negativity to be successful for the 50 people who would say yes. 

Skill #2– No Excuses- If I had a bad sales day it was my fault. If I had a good sales day, it was also because of me. If I sold nothing in the rain for 7 hours, every excuse in the world would not change the fact I made ZERO dollars. I learned that excuses don’t help achieve goals.  

Skill #3– Sacrifice- Some were forced, some were by choice, but they were made so I could succeed. Now, my sacrifices are bigger. 

Skill #4– People- I spoke to over 45,000 people & interviewed over 400 people for 7 hours while knocking on doors. I learned how to talk to EVERY type of person that exists in society. Invaluable skill you can’t learn in school. 

Skill #5– Team Building- Ultimately the only way to get to the top of the pyramid is to build a team. As attached as I would get to one team, I learned that my best team was my next team. I could write a 3rd book on this.

I got through the Training Program and it was near impossible. The harder you work, the better the reward. I did something that a lot of people consider impossible, so imagine that reward.  

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