A Winning Introduction

No one accidentally gets a winning mentality. There is no magic lamp. Developing winning life habits takes work and time. The good news is that there is a cheat sheet which I’m going to share with you. The bad news is that someone is going to try and stop you from using the cheat sheet. But also, there in lies the good news… that person is you! Before I get to my cheat sheet, let me share the cheat sheet I was working from.

In 2004, when I was doing Door to Door sales there were the “8 Steps to Success.” These were the steps that needed to be mastered in order to do the mental judo to get your mind right to do the nitty gritty part of the job. Which was to sell. They were:

  1. Have a good attitude 
  2. Give 100%
  3. Work your turf of houses correctly
  4. Be prepared 
  5. Know why you are here and what you are doing
  6. Protect your attitude 
  7. Be in Control 
  8. Be on time

Pretty solid right? In that job it took about 16 months for me to master that list. Some of those steps are not applicable outside of the door to door sales world. When I started MyBike I used those 8 Steps and they helped keep me to task. Over the next  15 years I have honed that mental process to an art form and came up with Nine Winning Life Habits. 

Before I share these winning habits with you, understand that there will be an uncomfortable transformation before you emerge a more positive you. Okay, that’s a bit of an over exaggeration…but…think about any super hero that started off as a regular person, then something happened, like they get bit by a spider, or take a serum, or they get blasted with radiation. This uncomfortable transformation happens, then after a few experiences, they’re super at something. You won’t become a super hero, but here are my 9 Winning Habits: 

  1. Have a winning attitude 
  2. Be the hardest working person you know
  3. Keep your attitude 
  4. Make no excuses… ever
  5. Set goals
  6. Exercise
  7. Be truthful
  8. Have a strong student mentality 
  9. Be you

I’ll explain each step of the process in other blog posts, but know that when all of these things are second nature, you will know. You’ll feel like Neo from the Matrix. You will see, interact, and understand things on a whole other level. I’m speaking 100% from experience. 

With these Winning Habits, all you have to do is practice them. There is a small catch thought… its hard. Really hard because of the person in the mirror. You’re not going to believe this, but you are a formidable opponent against yourself. No one knows you better than you. 

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