For those of you who knew me before 30, you probably know that I started MyBike when I was 25. Then something happened and then presto Viking dominated my social media feeds on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. A large many of you have asked over the years what is/was up with MyBike. I’ll tell you… actually that story is too long so I’ll give the short answer- PASSION. 

When I started MyBike I was very passionate about entrepreneurship. I worked 18 hour days 7 days a week without blinking an eye because I was passionate. Then at some point that company was less of an entrepreneurial endeavor and more like a job. The passion was seeping out. Then Zach and I bought Viking. 

At first I was excited about owning the company that I worked for. Definitely not passionate. When my son was born I started thinking maybe there’s something deeper to Viking… that’s when the entrepreneurial passion flame was lit and only grew from there. As the Viking passion grew, the MyBike passion was dying. The lack of passion wasn’t the reason MyBike was phased out, but it in hindsight it was a contributing factor.  

When you’re passionate about a thing you’ll do everything to pursue it or to keep it nice and shiny. Once that passion fades, it makes that thing (whatever it is) a little harder to push forward and a little harder to keep on the pedestal. 

Stay passionate. 

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