Habit 1- A Winning Attitude

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Your attitude is that thing that powers your outlook. Bad attitudes are easy to spot in people because those people, in particular instances, have a bad outlook on a circumstance. Positive attitudes are also easy to spot because those people have a positive outlook on a circumstance. Here’s an example from me in my 20’s 

I’d knock on a door, the person would spit in my face and say no, then I would go to the next house and give them my spiel.

When I first started knocking on doors, the person at the next house would have gotten a sour, terrible, LeRoy who KNEW they weren’t going to buy what I was selling because EVERYONE in that neighborhood was terrible. That is what I call a bad attitude. I took an interaction that was not good, let it permeate my brain to make me mad, hold that anger to the next house while extrapolating that everyone in the community was mean because of one person, and assuming the next person I was going to talk to was going to be mean or even meaner than their neighbor. 

After mastering the ‘having a positive winning attitude’, I would digest that first person’s negativity. I’d chalk it up to they just got fired that day, their kids sharpied the newly painted walls, and they got a flat tire…then I came to their door with a depleted attitude which resulted with them spitting on my face. Their next door neighbor is a completely different person who could be best person in the world and they better get the best version of LeRoy. By the time was heading up the next walkway, I already processed and forgot about the terrible person and was all smiles and full of positivity for this new house. That example shows a positive attitude. 

I talked to at least 100 people a day Monday-Saturday for nearly 430 days. My my attitude was tested at least 43,000 times. That is a lot. That’s why I call that experience boot camp. Where else in society will you have 43,000 conversations that have to end in a yes or no 16 months?  After that experience you have no choice but to have a positive winning attitude because nothing bothers you. You’re almost desensitized to negativity. 

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