The Great Road Trip to Nashville- Day 0

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My family loves a few things and one of them is seeing my sister, their aunt in Nashville. Normally when we go, my wife buys a bunch of plane tickets, we rent a car and crash at my sisters place. This time around we were going to do the same song and dance, but our daughter Mia suggested something different. 

Our great friends the McLeans made a huge life decision to move their family to my boy and celebrity chef Al’s home country of Australia. Though extremely sad, it was exciting to see them embark on this incredible journey. Because they were flying out from California, they decided to slowly RV it cross country, soaking up every bit of this great country before relocating to their new home. That is where Mia got her grand idea. 

While we were planning the flights, the car rental, staying at my sisters or just doing an AirBnb we contemplated driving the family van to make it an experience. That’s when Mia suggested we rent an RV and do a Watkins Family Road Trip like the McClean’s did. It was a good idea, so we decided that was the plan. And Mia let the boys and everyone know it was HER idea. 

The actual plan was pretty simple. We were going to spend 7 days traveling to and from Massachusetts, with Thanksgiving dinner happening in Nashville with my family. While doing the driving my wife and I would be sprinkling in memorable family experiences along the way.  

It as going to be great. It was going to be unforgettable. It was going to be the best time ever. And it was all those things and oh so much more. 

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