The Great Road Trip to Nashville- Day 3 Nashville Baby!

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After driving for over half the day from New Jersey to northern TN, the 4 hour drive to Nashville was a breeze. Arriving to the warm embrace of my sister and parents felt really good. Naturally my sister had all the plans for the kids so we did one of her pet projects involving sneakers, spray paint, and water. Even though the TikTok videos were pretty cool, we definitely did not nail it. 

From there we went over the Big Loud HQ so my parents and my kids could see where my sister does her country music magic. I really wish I liked country music, but I digress. We ended the night going out to dinner to this nice spot in the city. It is there where my sister taught my kids a new game that they have yet to stop playing. 

Here is how to play: Ask someone what the odds are that they’ll do something. They answer by saying 1 in 20 or 1 in 100. On the count of three person one and person two have to say a number in between the number range at the same time. If they say the same number then the person who gave the odds has to do the thing. 

An example: what are the chances you say “bye everyone” when leaving the restaurant.

It’s actually quite fun and I suggest you try it in a social situation. 

Finally we drove the RV back to my sisters place to get ready for the arrival of my brothers and their special ladies. Plus I had to rest up for what would turn out to be a scavenger hunt that would be Bain of my existence at the Opry Mills Hotel. 

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