The Great Road Trip to Nashville- Day 7 Virginia to the Crayola Experience

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That day with the Natural Bridge and the restaurant in Lexington Virginia was a winner for team Watkins. For our 7th day, my wife planned a trip to the Crayola Experience in Easton, Pennsylvania. We were quickly becoming old pros at this whole RV and maybe a little too cocky as before we departed the KOA RV park, I connected the hose to the RV and over flowed the toilet! I’m sure my kids learned new vocabulary words during this, in hindsight, hilarious event. 

After my wife cleaned the floor, we were newly humbled RV travels ready to tackle Crayola. The drive itself was pretty uneventful, which with kids, is a good thing. After doing local eateries, we decided to hit up a chain for lunch called Texas Roadhouse, and then finished the drive to Easton. 

The Crayola Experience was a great time for the kids. My kids thought it was the highlight of the whole trip. Even more so than our family bonding scavenger hunt at the Opry Mills Hotel. The Crayola place was three floors of arts and crafts fun for the kids. All my wife and I could do was watch them to make sure no one got lost while watching the Patriots game that I recorded earlier.

Upon leaving there my wife and I had decisions to make. There were no more open KOA RV parks as most of the RV parks were closed for the season in the northeast. Our options were to drive another 5 hours to Massachusetts, park in a parking lot and sleep in the RV, or to drive an hour and stay with my folks. We went with C and stayed with my parents who were over the moon excited to have us, but really the grand babies. 

We all got a great night sleep in actual beds before completing the journey to Massachusetts in the morning. 

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