The Great Road Trip to Nashville- Day 1

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When planning our souther road trip, my wife I referred to an app called RoadTrippers. It was the same app Aly and Al McLean used to plan their trip and they strongly suggested it for us to use. We looked at our trip in three phases: 

Phase 1- Getting to Nashville as soon as possible 

Phase 2- Enjoy a Nashville Thanksgiving 

Phase 3- Experience as much as possible on the way back home

Before we could do any phase we needed an RV so I used the same company Aly and Al used in CruiseAmerica. I rented a 5 person RV for 7 days to be picked up the morning we were leaving. I hijacked the Viking Uber account to shoot out to RV place in Worcester. Driving that huge thing was not much different than driving the Viking cargo van, which transports fun to kids all over Massachusetts haha, so it wasn’t a problem. 

After loading it up with everything we would need for the trip to Nashville, we were ready to roll. The plan for the first day was to drive to Pennsylvania and stop at a KOA RV place to connect to electricity. We were planning on driving for 5-6 hours after the kids got out of school. That plan quickly changed. 

The kids were car sick, the RV we had rode a little bumpy, and we just had missed expectations with what we could do in the RV vs what wanted to do. Driving to Pennsylvania was not going to happen. Instead we pulled an audible and gave my parents a call to stay with them for the night. 

They were more than happy to see the grandkids before seeing them again in Nashville. 

We’ve done the drive to New Jersey a lot and we always pass this food truck village on 95 along the water and decided to give dinner a go there. It was cold and late so we didnt exactly hit any home runs with the mean, but my parents came through with New Jersey pizza for dinner. 

It was nice to have a comfy bed to sleep in because the next day we were planning on going all the way to Knoxville, TN a 10 hour drive… without kids. 

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