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I love creating games, playing games, and learning about new games. Here are some games that I created for Viking Sports families that you can play to keep everyone active. Whether you’re a parent, a college student, or someone living their best life, these games are meant to be enjoyed with other people. When you try one of the games out, let me know what you think. If you have a good tweak that makes the game better, let me know too! Use the #leroywatkins hashtag when sharing it on social media.

Dodge Boom

Sometimes a kid just has to run which why I created this game. It’s called Dodge Boom, which is like dodgeball and tag, but with a few twists


Water Express

Everyone should have a good water game in their arsenal, which is why I created this game.



This fun “Gotcha” game is called 4 Sides and it requires virtually no equipment.



Hitting targets is the whole point of this game. It’s called Bullseye and your kids will love it.



A good running and throwing game always wins the day and that is exactly what this game is all about. It’s called 5-2. You can play this game with as few as one person, inside or outside. When you really grasp the game there are endless variations to keep things fun. 


Messy Backyard

You probably hate when your kids make a mess, but that is the whole point of this game. It’s called Messy Backyard. To make this game work all you need is stuff. You’ll be surprised by how much this fun game gets your blood pumping.


Reindeer Tails

This game is a Viking classic. I call it reindeer tails. You can play this game where ever there is space. Outside, in a living room, on the beach. Literally anywhere. 


Pull the Tail

This game will certainly elevate everyone’s heart rate with its constant running. It is easy to understand, which adds to its high level of fun. And don’t forget, if you don’t have fun, it doesn’t count.


DIY Viking Ninja Warrior Course

A game that has great visuals is magnetic to any kid. They immediately become curious and want to play. And this DIY (Do it Yourself) Viking Ninja Course is just that. Whenever we do a Viking Ninja Warrior program there are boxes, steps, walls, lots of obstacles to challenge kids. Here is a helpful way to bring a similar experience homeo using things laying around my house. The goal of this course is to string together a series of obstacles that address fitness, agility, strength, stamina, and balance in an incredibly fun way.


The Race Against Time

If you need a game that will burn all of your kids energy, look no further. I present to you a game I call the Race Against Time. The premise of this game is simple, just collect a few objects (toys, balls, cones, etc) in a certain amount of time. That’s it. With its twists to increase difficulty, this game will always feel fresh no matter how many times you play.


The Floor is Lava

This game is sure to be an instant classic! The Floor is Lava is a fun game that can be played with kids in any weather that involves problem solving, physical activity, and perseverance.


Soccer Warm Up Drills

This video features simple soccer drills that you can do with any aged athlete. All you need is a ball

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