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Family Goals
If you’re doing it right, everyone in your house has their own personality and wants to do the things they enjoy, which is GREAT… and also absolutely terrible in certain situations.

A Fathers Inspiration
Becoming a dad has been the greatest gift of all. I was talking to my good friend and pastor, Bryan Shippey and he asked who is someone that inspires me. Without hesitation I told him my dad.

The Friends You Keep
Friendships are invaluable. You can’t buy them at the store, instead a great friendship starts off by chance and then grows over time. I am fortunate to call a lot of great people friends.

Birthday Celebration
I don’t have a favorite kid, BUT… I have a son named Brayden and today’s his 5th birthday.

How to be a GREAT Parent
These are things you can do to be a great parent to your kids.

The Floor is Lava
I play a lot of games with my kids and this one has proven to be a family classic. It’s called the Floor is Lava.

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