Parent Role 2: The CFO or the Chief Fun Officer

A Collection Introduction | The Story Teller | The Chief Fun Officer | The Work Ethic Creator | The Imaginationer | The Sportsmanshipper | The Parenter Fun is universally relatable. Joking, tickling, playing, anything that generates laughter just had to be a pillar of the Watkins house. Having fun and being happy are positive winningContinue reading “Parent Role 2: The CFO or the Chief Fun Officer”

The Floor is Lava

I play a lot of games with my kids and this one has proven to be a family classic. It’s called the Floor is Lava. The basic premise to this game is what the title suggests. The floor is bubbling hot lava and the kids need to get off the floor before the lava consumesContinue reading “The Floor is Lava”