Part Six: Reflection

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Creating this goal was life changing. In the beginning the journey looked so hard. The hardest thing to conquer was my brain. There was nothing physically stopping me from working out, other than laziness. There was nothing pulling me into 5 Guys parking lot besides lack of self control. Every single obstacle was created in my brain. Once I showed my brain little tastes of success, the mental obstacles became little bumps in the road and then the became billboards that I chose to ignore.

Aesthetically I looked different. I had less body fat with more muscle. I had more energy to tackle the day. I found myself with a higher level of motivation to get things done. And, I found that I had more self confidence, which is definitely something I was not lacking to start. 

If I had the choice to do this hard goal again, I would not hesitate to do it. If for some unknown reason I find myself in an unhealthy cycle of eating terrible foods and not exercising, I know I can right the ship because I’ve done it before. I’ll also know that it SUCKS to right the ship. That in and of itself is motivation to maintain my healthy lifestyle. 

When I started this challenge, I thought my next challenge was going to be sustaining my accomplishments. But that’s proving to be too easy, now that my lifestyle includes eating healthy and exercising daily. Do you have any thoughts on a new challenge I can tackle? 

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