Building a Community

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What exactly is a community? You can’t just buy one from the store. There are plenty of text book definitions that use wonderful strings of words to give simple definitions, but I explore this concept in detail in my Building a Community collection.

Building a Community- An Introduction

During my 18 or so months of knocking on doors, I visited hundreds of neighborhoods each being their own little community. Taking that experience as well as my 15 years of entrepreneurship, I created MY definition of community.

The People are the Community 

There is always an origin story when building a community.

The Purpose is the Mission 

Having a purpose forces you to stay in your lane on the way to your destination.

Growth is Diversity

Whenever I’m asked to help a group grow, one of the first things I look at are it’s people. 

The Rules are the Culture

Nothing feels more rewarding than creating a good set of rules. Few things feel better when people follow those rules.

Putting it all Together

Every community has their origin story. Like Mike creating Viking as a soccer camp community in 1993.

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