Part Two: Plan of Attack. Attack the Plan.

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Sometimes when I make action goals to hit a result goal, I build in an easy to hit goal. With this particular fitness goal, all three action goals were extremely challenging.

Here were my actions goals:

  1. Exercise for 30 minutes with a Triple Digit Heart Rate- Even though I was a former division one athlete who worked out hard for years, as I became a dad, I got in the habit of not working out at all. I would consider walking the kids in the stroller or taking the dog for a stroll my workouts. I was lying to myself. I settled on the P90X3 workout program because it gave me a workout structure. With a small investment, I could do workouts at home on my own time. When I was training for my Spartan race in 2019 I invested in a personal trainer to get me into shape, but the habit of going to the gym on a set schedule didn’t jive with who I was.
  2. Eat Healthy- I’m always on the go, so eating fast food was my lifestyle. You can ask my business partner about the frequency of my dinning out. It was not good. As long as I have owned a business I have eaten out at least one meal a day. That is 15 years of waking up and heading to Dunkin Donuts, then grabbing some 5 Guys for lunch, and ordering pizza for dinner. This was beyond a habit, it was a hardwired lifestyle. To make my healthy eating transformation it required its own set of action goals:
    1. No sugar- I love sugar. If I didn’t actually do it, I would think it was impossible.
    2. No take out- As noted above, I love take out
    3. Follow the P90X meal guild which for all intents of purposes SUCKED. It sucked because it was very hard. It was obviously good for my health.  
  3. Stop Eating 3 Hours Before Bed- My eating schedule was all over the place. I’d skip breakfast, lunch, and then gorge on pizza for dinner then a snack in my bed before sleeping. This was schedule for as long as I owned MyBike since 2005. This too was a lifestyle. I was reading something from someone who was successful at losing weight where they said their trainer had them stop eating 3 hours before bed to help burn fat. So I stopped eating after 7pm. Like the other two action goals, this was also hard, but for whatever reason I made this change the quickest. 

Now came the really part. Attacking the plan.

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