Part Four: The Middle- No Turning Back

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I don’t want to mince words, so I’ll be as clear as possible. Up until this point, which I’ll say is week 5, this was NOT FUN. There is nothing more discouraging than putting in hard work and seeing little results. I cannot stress the importance of having the action goals. Without those small hurdles of success while working towards the big goal, I probably would have thrown in the towel. BUT I did have action goals and I was hitting them every day. Then something changed.

My wife started working out and eating healthy with me. Her support was IMMENSE. Having someone to commiserate with and to talk to about the same experience with is something I greatly underestimated. Also my kids, after seeing me and my wife’s example, started doing their own workouts. The whole family was dialed into the the workout habit. 

As I progressed to the next level of P90X3 my workouts changed from hard to challenging. The workouts I could hardly do, set the foundation for workouts that I could sorta do. I found myself feeling a little stronger when doing pull ups and push ups, but also I started seeing changes in my body. I started putting more effort into my workouts That is when I started thinking “I can do this”. 

My eating habits were less of a struggle. I was not craving candy or fast food as much. My substitute of raisins for candy was a more than adequate substitute. All the restaurants were closed, so fast food wasn’t even an option. I was still drained. I still felt hungry. But overall things were trending in the right direction. 

During these 30 days I lost 7 lbs, burned lots of fat, started building visual muscle. Also I found myself wanting to workout more than not. Basically I did not need to give myself daily pep talks.

It was working.   

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