Part Five: The End- Light at the end of the Tunnel

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Years ago I did P90X and saw the results I was looking for after 30 days, so I stopped doing it. 60 days into P90X3 I was seeing results, but more importantly feeling the results. After every rest day I felt stronger when tackling the workouts. Also, my diet transitioned from being daily a goal, to becoming a habit. It was on the verge of becoming a lifestyle. 

I was not forcing myself to workout. I felt like I needed to exercise. If I didn’t get a workout in early in the day, I felt off. Also, I was immune to temptations of sugar and the idea of eating out did not enter my mind. On days when I felt I had more in the tank, I would take my dog for a very brisk walk after the kids went to bed. 

Having my wife also doing the same thing, again, was so unbelievably motivating. The healthy dinners I was making were also made for the kids. We began educating them on healthy meal choices and why eating too much sugar does not give your body what it needs to work at its best. We were playing more as a family as a way to get more family exercise. I’m not talking Minecraft, I’m talking tag or dodgeball, those kinds of physical exertion games.  

As day 90 hit, I sat down to reflect on my goal of losing 15 lbs. The first thing I did was look back at my actions goals. Did I work out everyday for 30 minutes? Did I eat healthy? Did I stop eating before 7pm? The answer to all the questions was YES. 90 straight days of successfully hitting my action goals. It was definitely harder in the beginning than it was towards the end. 

I was 179.8,  25 BMI, and 20% body fat. Again, I’m not sure how high or low those numbers are, but they were trending down which is positive. 

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