Habit 3- Keep Your Attitude

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Having a positive winning attitude is very important, so protecting it is of the utmost importance.

As you already know, I was a door to door salesman. I talked to at least 100 people a day Monday-Saturday for nearly 430 days. My my attitude was tested at least 43,000 times. That’s a lot. That’s why I called that experience boot camp. Where else in society will you have 43,000 conversations of which 38,700 people tell you “no” in a 16 month window?  There aren’t many. After that experience I had no choice but to have a positive winning attitude because nothing bothered me. I was almost desensitized to negativity. 

In regular life you don’t have the luxury of being tested that often or in that capacity. But you are tested in limited instances. When your attitude is in a great spot, there are some things you can do to protect your attitude from being ruined by an outside trigger. Before I list them, understand you’re not ignoring the things that really set you off, instead you’re not giving that trigger an opportunity to set root in your brain. 

  1. Invent a Story- When something triggers a dip in your attitude, make up a story as to why that person triggered you. Like they’re laying on the horn because their first child is about the born and they really need to get to the hospital. Inventing the story allows you to mentally confront the thing that is taking Louisville Slugger to your attitude, but also give it a positive context that satisfies your brain so the incident takes root in your head. 
  2. Exercise- Working out has so many benefits including improved self-confidence. The higher your level of self-confidence the less likely you are to easily lose your attitude. 
  3. Self-Care- Along with exercise, doing stuff for you helps maintain your positive winning attitude. When you’re doing stuff for you, it is stress free. The lower your stress level the easier it is protect your winning attitude. When you are stressed, that is when you are most likely to lose your attitude. 

Ultimately, you have to work hard to both train and protect your attitude. Developing a positive winning attitude takes time, but these ideas are great at protecting it. There are many other things you can do besides the 3 I discussed. If you have any, share them below or send me a message.

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