Habit 9- Be You

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Once you are able to master the 8 other habits, this one is the end result. If you haven’t mastered the 8 other habits, this one is virtually impossible to master. If you have ever met me, you know I am always who I am. If my hair is blonde, I’ll tell you why. If I’m wearing a pink bow tie to my soccer game, I’ll teach you how to tie one. If my kid is having an epic meltdown in the store because I’m not going to buy them a toy and I need to discipline them, watch how I parent. Basically, I don’t compromise any part of who I am to conform to social norms. The only way you can actually be the YOU that you are in the living room when no one is looking in ALL aspects of your of your live is by doing the following. 

Have a Positive Winning Attitude- because it is your outlook on situations and reflects how you carry yourself.  

Be the Hardest Working Person You Know- so you are a walking talking example of a role model or a leader

Protect your positive winning attitude- Maintaining your positive winning attitude in trying times means you are projecting the best version of yourself all the time

Embrace the No Excuse Mindset- Excuses make you defensive and make you lose focus. Excuses are for the unprepared. Prepare to succeed. 

Set Goals- Set goals, hit goals, build confidence, and give your life purpose. 

Exercise- Essential to your physical well-being. It helps build self-confidence, self-esteem, and relieves stress.

Be Truthful- Don’t lie to others or yourself. Faithfully practicing this makes it that much easier to be you all the time, not just some of the time.

Have a Strong Student Mentality- Never stop learning. 

Once you fully embrace all these habits the last habit of being you is the natural result. Once you get there, a light switch will flip in your head and the big picture in your head will be clearer. 

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