Habit 5- Set Goals

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I have an entire collection on goal setting. Watch it. I use my fitness journey as an example of why goals are important and how to set goals. If you haven’t watched those videos or read those posts, heck, even if you did, I’ve got more to add. 

Goals give purpose to everything. If you wake up and have nothing to do that day, you can very easily watch all of Netflix’s catalog of shows. Unless that was your goal, you spent an entire day not working to build yourself up with mental wins of hitting your lazy day goals. Try creating 3 really easy goals for yourself to hit on your next day off. Things you want to do. You’ll feel great when you physically cross them off of your list. 

Mastering this 5th habit will see you create “Life result goals” such get out of debt, visit each continent, or retire when your 45.  Big “life result goals” have a way of focusing your life so you don’t get distracted by the noise and work towards those BIG result goals. 

When you think of them, share some of your “life result goals” you want to hit. By making your goals public means you’re fulfilling the requirement of what a goal is. 

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