Habit 2- Be the Hardest Working Person You Know

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This habit is one of the easiest to master because you just have to make a commitment to yourself that you want to improve. When you make the result goal to “Be the Hardest Working Person You Know,” it does not have to be in all areas of life. Focus on one aspect of your life and get ready to outwork everyone. 

If you want to be the best employee at work, do it. There is always the “best” person, emulate their habits and take a step further. If the model employee gets to work early and is super productive AND leaves late. You get to work earlier, bust your butt to hit your work action goals, and leave later. At first you feel excited as you’re trying to knock the employee of the month off their pedestal. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, it will be tiring at first to maintain the new pace. However, stick with it and then you become that type of 

worker, and finally you are actually the “best” person and it’s just who you are. The amount of self-pride and self-confidence that results is one of those feelings that only a few people will experience. 

From there, you can tackle another area in your life to improve on by doing exactly what you did at work. The more areas in life that you begin transitioning from being role player to being the “Hardest Working Person You Know,” you start mastering the 2nd Habit. 

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