Habit 6- Exercise

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The habit of exercising was something I instinctively did throughout my day before I became a dad. When I started MyBike, I would deliver a rental bike to a customer, then jog home. If I had 10 deliveries in a day, I could have biked and ran over a combined 10 miles.

Even when I met my wife in 2007 I was fit enough to do a marathon without training. When dadhood hit, I stopped working out to focus on being the best dad I could be. At that same time I ended up buying Viking with Zach while owning MyBike. Add to that MyBike was moving to an enormous retail spot that required enormous money. 

I made the excuse that I couldn’t exercise because I had a lot going on. Bad decision. 

I found myself getting away from practicing my own winning habits. I was feeling stressed, I was losing motivation, I was building excuses into everything. I was not liking the person I was becoming. Then I started working out again, which helped me get back on track. 

Every time I found myself not feeling like the best version of myself, I could always trace it back to lack of exercise. Working out has medicinal value. I’m not certified in anyway to go into extreme detail about it, but whatever chemicals that get released after a good fitness session alleviates stress and increases focus. 

Basically what I’m saying is EXERCISE! 

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