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Being a new parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world because there is no manual you can just pick up and follow. You’re learning on the go and doing the best you can to guide your child through this crazy thing called life. This collection of posts shares a few parental roles from my Unwritten Parent Manual passed on from my parents.

The Unwritten Parent Manual- An Introduction

July 1, 2011 I received the greatest gift of all. Fatherhood! I was so happy when my son was born, that the word happy does not fully describe how happy I was. Then I had to be a dad and things got interesting.

Role 1- The Storyteller

One of the first chapters in the unwritten Parent Manual passed on from my parents was the art of story telling.

Role 2- The Chief Fun Officer or CFO

Fun is universally relatable. Joking, tickling, playing, anything that generates laughter just had to be a pillar of the Watkins house.

Role 3- The Work Ethic Creator

I consider myself and my wife to be hardworking people. I very much like that quality about ourselves. When I mentally went through the Unwritten Parent Manual my parents passed on to me, I remembered how they taught me and my siblings about the concept of work. 

Role 4- The Imaginationer

Being able to use your brain in imaginative ways helps with problem solving, creating experiences, and even creating result goals.

Role 5- The Sportsmanshipper

The art of winning and losing. It’s hard to teach, painful to watch someone experience, but at the end of the day it’s an incredibly important skill for everyone to learn.

Role 6- The Parenter

I was lucky to have excellent parents who worked hard to raise me and my siblings the best they could. The things that I mention from the Unwritten Parent Manual is but a small iota of the lessons I remembered from my childhood that I thought necessary to pass on to my kids.

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