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Below are a collection of posts that discuss GOALS. For this collection I use my Fitness Journey as a real life example to illustrate GOALS.

Goals 101- An Introduction
I started becoming a goal oriented person when I was 23 years old, but truly adapted that lifestyle when I was almost 25. Every goal needs 4 key ingredients.

Part One: The Foundation- Action Goals vs Result Goals

Everyone knows what a goal is, but when you dig a little deeper you see there are two types of goals. Action goals and result goals. 

Part Two: Plan of Attack. Attack the Plan

Sometimes when I make action goals to hit a result goal, I build in an easy to hit goal, but here all three action goals towards my fitness goal were extremely challenging. There were no short cuts. I had to start from the beginning with a plan of attack.

Part Three: The Real Beginning aka the Hard Part aka Entering the Tunnel

Setting the goals, buying the food, and getting the weights were all the easy part of getting fit. If anything, it was a little exciting to get this process started. But saying you’re going to do something and actually doing it are two completely different things. My fitness journey was about to begin with some P90X3 and nutrition discipline.

Part Four: The Middle- No Turning Back

I don’t want to mince words, so I’ll be as clear as possible. Up until this point, my Fitness Journey was NOT FUN.

Part Five: The End- Light at the end of the Tunnel

Years ago I did P90X and saw the results I was looking for after 30 days, so I stopped doing it. 60 days into P90X3 I was seeing results, but more importantly feeling the results.

Part Six: Reflection

Creating this goal was life changing. In the beginning the journey looked so hard. The hardest thing to conquer was my brain.

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