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Welcome to my Winning Habits Collection. When I was 23 years old I was introduced to an 8 Steps to Success process to help develop a strong mentality. For the next 15 years I perfected those steps into LeRoy’s 9 Winning Habits. They are easy enough to practice as long as you can get past the person in the mirror.

A Winning Introduction

No one accidentally gets a winning mentality. There is no magic lamp. Developing winning life habits takes work and time. The good news is that there is a cheat sheet. 

Habit One- Winning Attitude

Your attitude is that thing that powers your outlook. Bad attitudes are easy to spot in people because those people, in particular instances, have a bad outlook on a circumstance. Positive attitudes are also easy to spot because those people have a positive outlook on a circumstance.

Habit Two- Be the Hardest Working Person you Know

This habit is one of the easiest ones to master because you just have to make a commitment to yourself that you want to improve. When you make the result goal to “Be the Hardest Working Person You Know,” it does not have to be in all areas of life. Focus on one aspect of your life and get ready to outwork everyone. 

Habit Three-Protect Your Winning Attitude

Your attitude is that thing that powers your outlook.

Habit Four- Never Make Excuses… EVER!

You have an interview at 10:00. You wake up late because you slept through your alarm. You frantically look for your clothes. That’s when the excuses start.

Habit Five- Set Goals

Goals give purpose to everything. If you wake up and have nothing to do that day, you can very easily watch all of Netflix’s catalog of shows. Unless that was your goal.

Habit Six- Exercise!

Every time I found myself not feeling like the best version of myself, I could always trace it back to lack of exercise. Working out has medicinal value

Habit Seven- Be Truthful

You need to be honest to yourself and to those in your orbit. A lot of people enjoy a tall tail or exaggeration when they’re looking to be entertained. But when those small exaggerations bleed into real life serious situations, it is not good.

Habit Eight- Have a Strong Student Mentality

Knowledge is power. You should never ever stop learning. If you ever think you know it all, you are a fool.

Habit Nine- Be You

Once you are able to master the 8 other habits, this one is the end result. 

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